About Me

Greetings Friend,


Thanks for stopping by.  I’m Sara, the Pastor’s Wife.  My husband is a United Methodist Pastor.  We are currently in our 3rd church and 11th year of ministry.  We are also in our 11th year of marriage, and I can honestly say that I love him more now than I did before.  He is truly my partner in life.  Our marriage isn’t perfect–whose is?  But we’ve grown together over the years and he has become my other half.

Of course, I’m not just a pastor’s wife.  I’m a mom of two boys, currently ages 7 and 9.  My oldest son was diagnosed last year with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  This wasn’t exactly news to us.  We knew he was quirky, but until he needed some extra support at school we chose not to pursue a diagnosis.  Now he goes to Occupational Therapy once a week and has a “sensory diet” in his classroom.

My youngest son is my “wild child”.  Full of orneriness and energy, he makes sure life is always an adventure.  Just when I think he’s going to put me over the edge, however, he does something amazing sweet and thoughtful and reminds me that, even though he is rambunctious and precocious, he has a heart full of love.

We have two dogs–a 3 year old Newfoundland and an 1 year old Basset Hound.  Needless to say, our house is a bit chaotic!  And I am the lone female among a house full of males.

I am a teacher and a writer.  I love sharing God’s Word with other women.  I believe that God’s message of love and hope found in Scripture is as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago.  God has called and gifted each of us to go out and show his love to a world in need.

I started this blog as a space for God and I to talk about the things we’re working on together.  I haven’t figured it all out yet.  However, “I press on toward the goal to which Christ Jesus called me heavenward.”

If you’d like to see more of what I do, check out the “Programs” page.  I have a teeny tiny women’s ministry I am working to develop.  So, if you’re in the Missouri area and are looking for an event speaker/teacher, I’d love to come and visit you!! 🙂 

This blog is a continual “work in progress”, so there will be more to come.

Thanks for spending some time with me today.  I’m truly honored that you’ve stopped by.  I hope you have found some encouragement from this site.  If so, feel free to leave a comment.  I’d love to get to know you, too.

Blessings and Peace,


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