Confession 11: Our Humble Abode

My husband, Chris, and I found out last night that we will probably be moving out of our home on Saturday and into another living establishment as yet to be determined. This wasn’t quite a shock. We’ve had mold issues in our house for awhile and recently insisted that the church do an air quality inspection to see how bad it actually was. This came about after Chris had bronchitis for the third time this year and his doctor told him that mold could be to blame. Needless to say, the air quality report did not come back with good news. Not only did it show a high level of mold in the house, but inspectors discovered asbestos tape lining the duct work. That got the trustees attention. A committee was quickly formed and they determined that it was best for us to just vacate the premises.

Initially, Chris and I were hesitant to move out of our home. There is a high possibility we will only be there another four months. And, after three years, what more damage could be done? In thinking about it, however, us moving out now would give the church time to really evaluate the damage to the house and do something about it before the next pastor would arrive. Moving now would also give Chris and I the chance to get some things packed up and stored away before our big move in June. So, all in all, it’s a situation I’m o.k. with. More importantly, I am grateful that the church has the ability to move us to a safer, healthier place, and the means to do it so quickly.

I saw a report on Good Morning America this morning on the number of people in the Gulf Coast region who still have not been able to re-build after losing everything in hurricane Katrina. Many are still waiting on or fighting for settlements from insurance companies that are looking for loopholes in policies so as not to pay for all the damage done. People throughout Mississippi and Louisiana have been living in FEMA trailers for over 18 months now, and my husband and I will be able to move from one home into another within 4 days. I have nothing to complain about. Therefore, I am very grateful for our humble abode, wherever it may be.

Many Blessings,

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  1. Heather says:

    I just finished reading all your postings. So very theological! Are you sure your husband’s the pastor and not you? 😉 I’d say you’re putting your degree to use, even if you’re not working in xtn ed. It’s been a nice way to keep up on what’s happening in Sara-world. Miss you!love,Heather

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