Confession 35: Forged in the Fire

So, I just finished reading a new set of books by Ann Turnbull that I have to blog about. No Shame, No Fear and Forged in the Fire. These books are amazing!! Set in England in the mid 1600’s, the books tell the love story of Susanna and Will. Susanna is a young Quaker girl and Will the son of a wealthy merchant. Will is drawn to both the Quakers and Susanna, but his father disapproves of both. In a time of persecution, Will and Susanna have to decide what is worth sacrificing for love of each other and of God.

The second book (and probably my favorite) continues their story through an outbreak of the Plague in 1665 and then the Great Fire of London in 1666. Both stories are told in alternating viewpoints from Susanna and Will. The characters grow in depth and maturity throughout the books as they face a myriad of obstacles, but hope always springs forth through their love and faith.

I searched online to see if a third book is in the works, but so far, no word. Turnbull definitely leaves it open for a continuation, and this reader is very hopeful that a new book will come.

If anyone reads this blog– check out these books!!

Blessings and Peace,