Confession 42: Garrett Takes Over

Daddy’s campooter has always fascinated me. Daddy always gets mad when I touch it though, like I’m gonna break it or something. I like breakables. Lighten up Daddy. Anyway, I’ve got my hands on it now. T-Bone is creating a diversion for me so I can play. I promised him I’d try to slip him a cookie.

So, in case you haven’t seen it, Cars is the best movie ever! Lightning McQueen says “Cachow.” Lightning McQueen has wheels. I like my Cars shirt and jammies. I wear my Lightning McQueen crocs all the time, the girls like them. What, Mr. Bun Man Show? Hang on a second, Edgar, Edgar, Edgar, you want me to spank your bottom Edgar. Edgar, Edgar, Edgar! Okay, I’m back now, just had to take care of something. Anyway, Mater is my favorite. Does Mater drive backwards? I think so. Mater does drive backwards. Crazy Grandpa car. What? He has a Piston Cup! Come on baby, bring out the Piston Cup! Does Sally say, “Hi folks?” Yeah, Sally does say, “Hi folks!” I want to watch Cars! I want to watch Cars! Can I watch Cars?

Mommy made me eat dinner tonight. I don’t like eating dinner. I had a cheese kay sa dee ya and some salad, but I really just wanted one of Grandpa Stu’s cookies. They are mine. Not for Mommy! Anyway, my ka sa dee ya was ok, it was warm, not hot. Warm is good. So I ate it and then had some of Daddy’s apple juice. I like Daddy’s apple juice.

I got to go outside and swing on my swingset today. It is my swing. I love my lellow swing. Daddy made it for me. It’s mine, it’s not Stephen’s! I wish I could swing in my lellow swing all day. Swinging is fun. Mommy told me she liked to swing when she was a little girl. I like to swing. Does that mean I am a little girl? I’m not sure. I have a pee pee, like Daddy and Stephen, but I like to swing like Mommy when she was a little girl. Maybe I am a little girl? Mommy says I am a little boy. Crazy Grandpa car! Anyway, I like my lellow swing.

Well, Mommy Sara and Daddy Chris are almost done with changing Stephen’s diaper, I guess I should go before I am caught on Daddy’s campooter. I better go get that cookie for T-Bone, he kept them away for a while. If Daddy cathes me on his campooter, I might have to go to time out, or Daddy might paddle my bottom. No Daddy paddle my bottom! They are probably going to try and get me to go to sleep soon. But, I don’t have to. I didn’t last night, and my reward was getting to sleep in Daddy’s bed with him and Mommy. I liked that. Oooo, there’s Aggie. What you doing Aggie? Gotta run. Aggie, Aggie, Aggie Aggie!! Edgar, Edgar Edgar!

Night night!