Confession 56: It’s Good to Be a Working Mom

Well, after a summer hiatus, I’m back at work–and I love it!! Don’t get me wrong, the summer at home with my boys was great. We had a blast, and I loved spending time with them, playing, swimming, watching movies, taking trips, but it’s good to be back in my own space doing something I love. My hat goes off to all of the stay-at-home mom’s out there. It is a really tough job with terrible pay but, I would venture, huge benefits. I am just not cut out for that line of work.

So, the boys are back at the sitter’s and I’m in my classroom getting lessons together. I’m doing more standards-based grading this year, which means that you only grade assessments which truly show mastery of objectives. It’s a lot of work to get together, but it will mean much less time spent grading in the long run.

I’ve recently realized that there’s a quiet revolution in education taking place, and it’s not sponsored by the government. Educators are working to take back their profession, to raise the level of expectations, and truly try and prepare our kids for the world they will live in, not the world we came out of. It’s good. There’s a lot of good stuff going on. Our district just invested $500,000 in new technology upgrades. We have a district website now on which each teacher has a class webpage. I’m going to attempt to create class blogs for my pages, as well as links to useful resources, etc… I’ve learned I am a digital immigrant teaching to digital natives. It’ll be slow going, but I’ll get there!

Well, it’s 3 o’clock. Time for me to pack up and hit the road.

Blessings and Peace,