Confession 74: Thanks, Mom!

My mom came down to help me with the boys this past week while my husband was away at a conference. One of the wonderful things about my mom is that she is a MOM. When something needs to be done, she just jumps in and does it. Poopy diaper, let’s go change it. Getting Garrett dressed, clothes are ready to go. Need some coffee, already brewing. Dinnertime, on the table. Lunch is made the night before, clothes are folded, dishes are done, floors are swept and kids are bathed. Spoiled? Completely. But sometimes, I need that. Maybe it’s being one of two girls growing up. Parents tend to respond differently to daughters than sons. My sister and I have always been Mommy and Daddy’s girls. But it’s more than that. My parents and I have a deep and meaningful relationship. And although they will always do whatever they can for me, they know that my sister and I both love them and respect them. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for my parents, and I am truly grateful for the love and support they show to me.

I think if I can be half of the mom my mom is to me, my boys will be in pretty good shape!

Blessings and Peace,