Confession 91: God’s Got it Covered

One of the tenants of being a United Methodist pastor’s wife is that you have to get used to moving. The United Methodists believe in an itinerant system of pastoring, meaning you’re not going to stay at one church your entire career. The thought is that the church needs to be bigger than the pastor, the focus remaining on God and not the pastor. Therefore, we move, sometimes a lot.

I’m actually really excited about this move. We’re going to a congregation that has a reputation of being very loving and progressive. We’ve already met with part of the congregation and they seem genuinely glad that we’re going to be there. The town is very small, about 1800 people, but it’s about 45 minutes from a major city. So, I’m excited about that. Also, it’s 30 minutes from the town I grew up in, which is a big bonus, since my parents still live there! 🙂

Of course, with every move there is some sadness and trepidation as well. We’re going to have to say goodbye to some dear friends and I’m going to have to give up my job which I love with a passion. We’re going to have to find new childcare and preschool, doctors and hair stylists (okay, maybe not a big deal for everyone else, but a huge deal for me!) I’ve learned to just trust in God that it will all come together. The first priority for me, obviously, is to find gainful employment. Unfortunately, this is not really the year to be looking for a teaching position. However, I believe that God’s got it covered. He’s just going to make me stand on edge for a little while before it all works out! 🙂 Since the boys are on my health insurance plan, I can’t say that I’m in a state of serene submission 🙂 Especially since we were told yesterday that my oldest is still having eye issues.

At his final post-op eye exam the doctor discovered some scar tissue building in one of his eyes. He told us that he usually sees this in patients with joint problems so we’re being referred to a pediatric rheumetoid specialist who will then refer us to a pediatric specialist who can treat the scar tissue issue. Aaargh! Money, money, money. Luckily, by the time we’re actually able to see these two specialists we should have the original eye surgery paid off!! I would be lying if I said there isn’t a part of me that is afraid the rheumetoid specialist is going to discover some weird genetic disease, but even if that’s the case, I have to trust that (again) God’s got it covered.

Blessings and Peace,

4 thoughts on “Confession 91: God’s Got it Covered

  1. Julie says:

    Sara, I will be praying for your son. I haven't gone back and read past posts so I don't know what all is going on, but he is in my prayers now. I love moving, and I hate moving. I guess you understand that don't you?!!

  2. beyond this moment says:

    Ack! Moving and insurance and a child with medical concerns… difficult all around. Moving home (or close to it) is always a blessing though. Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate your kind words. ~Bethany

  3. Angie Vik says:

    Sara, Thanks for your honesty. I can relate to the moving bit. We moved in the fall of 2008 and it was hard. The "where you go, I will go stuff" gets harder the more you get attached to a place and people and jobs, etc. With our last move, I was pretty sure I didn't want to go, but I'm happy to say 18 months later that I'm glad we moved. I really like it here. Like you said, it comes down to trusting that God knows what he's doing.

  4. bubba_sparks says:

    Sarah, I am so sad that you are moving…I am going to miss you and I just wish I had taken the time to call more, visit more, and be more of a friend. I'm happy for you guys that you will be closer to your family…but definitely sad at the same time. We will be thinking of Garrett and hoping everything goes well. Please keep us posted.

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