Confession 103: Last Day

So, today is the official last day of school before summer. Obviously, I have mixed feelings. I love summer break, so I’m excited for that, but this is also my last day with some of my students and fellow teachers here, so I’m also feeling a bit sad. I will be teaching summer school here (it’s only 18 days) which is a huge blessing because I haven’t found a job yet in our new hometown. So, God’s given me a bit of breathing room, which is really all you need. I feel confident that God has something in mind for me in our new place, I just don’t know yet what that is.

I heard a great quote from singer David Crowder this morning about life which really spoke to my heart. He said that he’s learned from all of life’s unexpected twists and turns that the only thing he can say is, “God, give me the light to see the path ahead of me and the courage to take the next step.”

I feel like I am living that prayer right now. So, today is good, and a little sad, but God is faithful always.

Blessings and Peace,