Confession 108: Tired But Inspired

I woke up today tired with a capital T! Teaching English to incoming Freshmen for seven hours a day, most of whom failed 8th grade English, is draining. Our boys are off at Grandma and Grandpa’s this week being spoiled rotten and loving every minute of it, and I have been enjoying their absence probably more than I should. Chris and I have been working on packing up the house and I’ve been trying to get through a couple of scrapbook pages each evening for my four year old’s baby book. I figure it will make a good high school graduation gift!! My youngest might get his before he finishes college! 🙂

Anyway, I was tired, and cranky, and dreading trying to instruct my students in citation of sources… (Mees! I don’t get it!) Aaargh!! I stopped for some coffee and spent some time perusing some of my favorite blogs and found three that were very inspiring. Check out Bethany at She wrote an extremely moving post on the Native American sweat lodge ceremony of healing and drawing closer to God that helped to wake me up a bit and give me something “higher” to ponder.

Also, check out GodsyGirl at Not only does she offer inspiring blog posts, she also has an audio feature you can listen to with wonderful words of wisdom and encouragement.

Finally, if you just need a laugh to start your day head on over to The Domestic Fringe. She has a wonderful quote on friendship from Ralph Waldo Emerson that will get your brain going and you can scroll down to previous entries for some good belly laughs. I love starting my day with FringeGirl!!

Blessings and Peace–the Weekend’s Coming Soon!!

One thought on “Confession 108: Tired But Inspired

  1. Melody says:

    thanks for the suggested blogs…always enjoy new reading. And hopefull your English class won't be too taxing this week. Randy and I laugh because we both took bonehead English and Math our Freshman year of college. We were pretty offended by what all they thought we didn't know…at least it was our first easy A! Ha! Have a great summer!

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