Confession 134: Twit or Tweet?

Okay, I have a confession to make.  I don’t like Twitter.  I just don’t get it.  On a cultural level, I feel like it’s an incredibly narcissistic tool that serves to further the self-centered nature of our society.  On a social level, I feel like it diminishes the concept of meaningful relationships.  A meaningful relationship is one in which you know the very heart of the person you are in relationship with, not what time they eat breakfast each morning.  And on a personal level, I just don’t think there’s that much in my life that is instant-news worthy.

However, for the benefit of the faithful Tweeters out there, I thought I’d give it a go for a day.  Let me know the final outcome.  Are they notes from a twit, or sincere tweets?

4:45 A.M.-Boys up and demanding juice–Stephen wants bacon.
5:00 A.M.-Dog ate Stephen’s bacon.
5:15 A.M.- Garrett wants yogurt.
5:20 A.M.-Stephen wants yogurt.
5:30 A.M.-Curl up in recliner with blanket over my head and threaten life and limb of anyone who disturbs me.
6:00 A.M.-Give up and work on Bible study–focus on abundance of God which does not include sleep.
6:40 A.M.- Compose what I hope to be an Encouraging Word to Bible study participants–can’t be sure because am sleep deprived.
7:00 A.M.- Cat eats Stephen’s bacon–refuse to make anymore.
7:15 A.M.- Contemplate exercise while eating peanuts.
7:30 A.M.- Blog instead
8:15 A.M.- Drag out exercise bike to exercise–tell Stephen he has to wait his turn.
9:00 A.M.- Make egg whites with cheese and toast a piece of home made bread–top with butter.
9:05 A.M.- Pour coffee, add CoffeeMate and Splenda–pour Stephen a splash of coffee with milk.
9:07 A.M.- Get Garrett some yogurt.
9:08 A.M.- Get Stephen some yogurt.
9:30 A.M.- Clean up kitchen while cartoons are still on
10:00 A.M.- Get self and Stephen dressed–Garrett piddling.
10:05 A.M.- Tell Garrett to hurry up.
10:10 A.M.- Tell Garrett to hurry up.
10:30 A.M.- Off to the classroom for school.
10:40 A.M.- Threaten to send both boys to the office for behavior issues.
10:50 A.M.- Craft activity.
11:10 A.M. Clean up remains of craft activity and run bath to remove paint from boys–hope it is indeed “non-toxic”
11:30 A.M.- Clean up bathroom after deluge of water covers floor from boys splashing in bath.
11:45 A.M.- Make lunch for boys.
12:00 P.M.- Make lunch for Chris and I while yelling “Take a bite!” periodically into the dining room.
12:25 P.M.- Sit down for lunch–Stephen wants Kool-Aid.
12:30 P.M.- Sit down for lunch–Garrett wants water.
1:00 P.M.- Clean up lunch dishes and prepare to make bread.
1:10 P.M.- Boys want to help and arm themselves with measuring cups– move flour out of reach.
1:30 P.M.- Bread rising–clean kitchen–again.
1:45 P.M.- Decide to go to library–find shoes for boys.
2:00 P.M.- Shoes on–must find library books to return.
2:10 P.M.- Books found–heading for wagon in garage–realize library card is still in purse–back inside.
2:15 P.M.- Off to library!!
3:15 P.M.- Home with bag of books–Mickey Mouse, Clifford, Thomas, Seuss, Froggy and Olivia have all come home to entertain.
3:35 P.M.- Cuddle up in recliner with boys to read new books.
4:10 P.M.- Go outside for nature walk.
4:11 P.M.- Stop to pick up leaves.
4:13 P.M.- Stop to pick up nuts.
4:15 P.M.- Stop to chase cat.
4:23 P.M.- Cross the street after boys run cat up into a tree and head for home.
4:25 P.M.- Stop to pick up leaves.
4:27 P.M.- Stop to pick up nuts.
4:29 P.M.- Stop to watch squirrels play.
4:35 P.M.- Daddy passes us on his way home from work–consider bumming a ride for the last block.
4:36 P.M.- Stop to pick up rocks.
4:38 P.M.- Stop to pick up leaves.
4:40 P.M.- Stop to watch another cat–see home straight ahead–just out of reach!!
5:50 P.M.- Sit down to dinner.
5:55 P.M.- Stephen wants milk.
6:00 P.M.- Sit down to dinner.
6:05 P.M.- Garrett needs Kleenex.
6:10 P.M.- Sit down to dinner–attempt to talk to Chris over din of boys.
6:30 P.M.- Let boys run wild–encourage the chasing of cats.
7:00 P.M.- Jammy time–ecstatic!!  Garrett piddling.
7:05 P.M.- Stephen dressed–Garrett still piddling.
7:20 P.M.- Garrett finally dressed–both boys out in living room ready to read.
7:45 P.M.- Lights out!
8:00 P.M.- Stephen out!!
8:45 P.M.- Garrett out!!
9:00 P.M.- Mommy out!!

3 thoughts on “Confession 134: Twit or Tweet?

  1. Amy Sullivan says:

    Thank you! I did want to hear about bread rising. Hee, hee :)I don't Facebook or Tweet, and I don't get twitter, and I"ve been hoping it would just fade away, but alas…

  2. thedomesticfringe says:

    Ok, that was pretty funny. At first I hated Twitter. I gave it up, but then I went back. Don't know why really. Sometimes I use it, but most of the time I don't. It's a waste of time really…at least as far as I'm concerned. I'd probably use it more if I had a more interesting life. -FringeGirl

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