Confession 138: Working Girl

I have been subbing for the Family and Consumer Sciences  teacher all this week at our local high school.  I’ve been teaching Personal Finance again–it just won’t go away!!  I’m also teaching Child Development and Nutrition, which has been kind of fun.  I was worried when I first went in to visit with the teacher last week before she left because she had a sewing machine out.  We would have had problems!!  Luckily, the focus has been on electronic banking, prenatal development and teen health–all things I can handle!!  I’ve been subbing quite frequently throughout our school district (it’s tiny) and I have to say, I’m a little torn.  On the one hand, I love being in a classroom again.  On the other, staying home has been kind of fun too.  Scratch that last part–child number two is screaming for milk and working on pushing me out of the chair even as I type.  Don’t worry, I’m not ignoring him.  He wouldn’t let me, even if I wanted to! 🙂

God truly works in mysterious ways.  I never thought I could be so content substitute teaching, but I actually love it.  My best friend told me shortly after we moved that God had placed something new and interesting in my life every time we moved and that he would do no less this time.  Of course, she was right!  I wish I could learn to have more faith in the moment rather than discovering it after all is said and done.  I’m sure God will give me plenty of opportunities for growth in the future!!

Well, I have a sheet cake and a huge vat of stuffing to make for our church’s Turkey Dinner Friday, so I should probably take advantage of the boys being in the bath to accomplish one of those things.  Yet, as the daylight wanes and the nights grow longer, (and the Republicans take back over the House) (Sorry–couldn’t help myself!!  Heaven help me, I’m a “Yellow-Dog Dem” to the end!) I wanted to leave you with this word from the Gospel of John:

Put your trust in the light while you have the light, so that you may become children of light…I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in the darkness.  John 12: 36 & 46

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