Confession 140: A Story

A few pots ago, I wrote about the idea of living expectantly–realizing that God is capable of doing amazing things and raising our expectations so God can do them.  I received an e-mail this past week from a former acquaintance that I wanted to share which spoke directly to this.  I LOVE stories like this, and I hope you find as much wonder and encouragement from it as I did!

Blessings and Peace,

“My oldest son Devin who is 29 has been searching for a friend he had back in the 8th grade.   They were best friends and lost touch somewhere along the way.   He knew his Dad had been a preacher in the Houston area and that Jason had been a Marine.    Devin had been searching the internet and googling everything he could think of to find Jason for the past year.    Last week another friend of Devin’s called him to come “rescue” him.    He had been in jail for drugs and I guess just looked like warmed over death.   It really got to Devin.   This guy was a really good friend.   A renewed interested in finding Jason became urgent.

Devin came over after work last Wednesday and was telling me all of this.   I got on the laptop and proceeded to try my hand at finding Jason with no luck.  I told him about reading your article and that maybe he should pray “specifically” for God to help him find Jason.  “No Mom.   We should always ask for God’s will to be done.  Maybe I’m not supposed to find Jason.”    So I told him I would pray SPECIFICALLY that we would find Jason.  
The next day during a lull at work I did some more searching for Jason’s Dad.  I googled Pastor Paul Scott, Houston, Tx and after about 10 minutes and 6 pages of google, I found an article about “former Pastor Paul  preached Oct. . . . .  “   I made some phone calls and by Thursday night I had Jason’s phone number to give to Devin.     
I had forgotten the JOY that we rob ourselves of by not praying specifically plus we don’t give God the opportunity to surprise us.   It was a Goosebump God Moment for me and I think a wonderful witness for Devin.   And it reunited two long lost friends. 

So I just wanted to thank you for reminding me about praying specifically and the joy it brings and I will resume doing so now.”

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