Confession 145: Contemplations on a Christmas Tree

It’s almost midnight here in Missouri, and I’m just winding down from preparing the house (aka…cleaning) for a ladies brunch at the parsonage tomorrow.  I am truly excited to have them over.  However, I find myself falling into that hosting mode of, “Is it enough?”  Do I have enough food?  Do I have enough decorations?  Do I have enough chairs?  Is the house clean enough?  It’s a lot to come down from.  So, before heading off to bed to consider all of the enoughs I potentially have or don’t have in my life, I decided to spend a few moments contemplating our Christmas tree.

There’s something about the soft glow of a Christmas tree that puts my soul at peace.  Ours is blue again this year, the lights, not the tree itself.  Blue has become the color of compromise in our house.  This whirly-gig girl prefers a tree that sparkles in all shades of twinkly lights while my linear husband prefers the elegance of tempered white.  In blue, we have found the best of both.  Monochromatic, yet colorful at the same time.  Looking at our tree, decorated with the ornaments handed down to us over the years, I realize that more than symbolizing our ability to compromise, this tree represents our family.  Blending our childhood ornaments with ornaments we’ve received as a couple and the ornaments received by our children, I realize that this tree is us–a hodge-podge of memories and experiences coming together to make something beautiful.

Yet even beyond that, there is something sacred about a Christmas tree to me.  The tree is a silent sentinel through the winter–a sign of life continuing.  When I look at a Christmas tree, I hear the soft crunch of hardened snow, I see a world covered in white with no blemish or mark to mar it’s surface.  I see the evergreen rising up from the earth, rooted to the earth, but not bound to the cycle of life and death on the earth.  It is a fitting symbol for the Christ-Child were are preparing to welcome once more.  Alive, pure, of the earth, yet unbound from its mortal constraints. It reminds me again of the purpose of this season.  And it reminds me, too, that above all else, Christ is enough.

Gazing at the Christmas tree I realize that it is indeed well with my soul.

Blessings and Peace,

3 thoughts on “Confession 145: Contemplations on a Christmas Tree

  1. Penny says:

    Beautifully written! I can't wait to hear how the time with the ladies went! Did you have enough of everything?! I'm sure it was lovely!

  2. Charming's Mama says:

    Lovely post and so well said. A Christmas tree wasn't part of our tradition growing up, my parents thought it too commercial and in an effort to keep us focused on Christ we always had a really nice Nativity instead, the creche got bigger every year. We would have pine garlands and a wreath, but no tree. Sometimes I think that's okay, but now, having a tree, it brings joy with it into the house and my 4 year old is so looking forward to getting one, hopefully we can this weekend.

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