Confession 156: Snow Days

Our area received about 4 inches of snow Sunday night, which means our rural schools are shut down until the thaw.  Living in the Southern Midwest, we’re not as apt to dealing with above an inch of snow as our Northern neighbors.  For life truly lived in snow, check out my friend Angie over at Messy Cars and Muddy Shoes.  The first day we got up late and the boys, upon seeing the snow, immediately ran to grab coats and head outside.  Mama sort of squelched the initial enthusiasm by telling them that we first had to get dressed, put on boots, and find gloves and hats.  We played for awhile, the boys blanketing me with snow.  Stephen had never had a big snowfall before, so he was literally throwing himself into the drifts and rolling around!  Hot chocolate soon followed, as did baking, neighbor visiting, story-telling and cuddling.

The second day, I gave up all pretense of productivity and simply spent the day engaging with my boys.  We played all day, both inside and out.  I was in awe, again, at Garrett’s imagination.  The kid can literally create an epic story from a pencap and a chopstick!  As we sat down to dinner that evening (my husband is in Chicago for two weeks at school), I looked at my boys’ bright faces and smiled.  “We had a lot of fun today, didn’t we?” I asked.  “Yeah,” Garrett replied.  “We did have a lot of fun.”

Sometimes, as a parent, I miss the “having fun” part.  I do the laundry, give baths, pour juice, redirect, but I don’t always have fun.  I don’t always just bask in the joy of my children being the wonderful, high-spirited, imaginative, rambunctious kids they are.  My kids are my biggest gift.  I should’t just wait for a snow day to enjoy it.


Blessings and Peace,

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3 thoughts on “Confession 156: Snow Days

  1. Angie Vik says:

    Aw, thanks for the nice mention. Glad you guys had some snow fun. Once you get past the cold and mess, it calls to the kid in us. I went cross country skiing today and it felt good to be outside. I'm trying to remember if I knew what your son's names are. I love the name Garrett. I know exactly what you mean about being so busy taking care of our kids that sometimes we forget to play. I'm getting better at playing but there's many times when I'd rather not.

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