Confession 187: Annual Conference

Heading down to Springfield, Missouri this weekend for Annual Conference–bureaucracy in the name of the Lord!  I’m not sure this is what John Wesley had in mind in the early days of Methodism.  I think he’d prefer a two hour business session and then send people out to continue the work of God.  However, this is the 21st century, and we like meetings.  Wish me luck!  My bottom is already sore just thinking about all of the sitting I’m going to be doing.

I am going to make it a productive session, however.  I’m beginning the process of writing a devotional book using the themes in some of my blog posts.  I printed all of them off, and I have to say it’s kind of cool to be holding a body of work I’ve actually written.  I don’t know that anything will come of it, but writing is a dream I’ve always had and I figure there’s no time like the present! 🙂 

So, what’s your weekend look like?

Blessings and Peace,

2 thoughts on “Confession 187: Annual Conference

  1. Angie Vik says:

    Love your comments about John Wesley and what he might think of an annual conference. My husband hates our denominational bureaucracy. It's nice to have an organization for support, encouragement, enrichment, challenge, and accountability but it's not always the most exciting thing to put those structures in place.Yay for you for working on a book. I enjoy reading your work and think others would to. Hope you get the word done on it that you need to. If this isn't something that your denomination is interested in, you could try a Christian writer's conference. Or get a hold of a Christian Writer's Market Guide to find places that might be interested.

  2. Aurie says:

    I've been to the PCUSA women's conference, but never to the PCUSA conference. I'll be interested to read your opinions!We will be putting up our fence and having a birthday party 🙂

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