Confession 194: God Has a Special Place in HIs Heart For Fools Like Me

Last Sunday I crashed a baby shower.  Don’t worry, it was for a friend, but it wasn’t the shower I was invited to. 

The shower I was invited to was 120 miles away and I was on my own.  I was enjoying some quality me time while speeding down the highway to make it to the shower by 2:00.  At 1:50 I pulled into the parking lot of the church where the shower was being held.  Grabbing my gifts I walked inside, only to find the church dark.  Hearing some voices, I followed them to the sanctuary–an odd place for a baby shower I thought, but whatever.  Walking into the sanctuary I was a bit surprised to find, not a baby shower, but a kid’s dance troupe.  I started to get a little tingle of anxiety. 

“Um, where’s the baby shower?”  I asked.
“Baby shower?” one of the kids replied.

Panic officially started to sink in.  You see, I hadn’t actually looked at the invitation to double check the date.  But, as I told my husband in my frantic phone call, “I could have sworn the shower was today!  I wrote it down on my calendar!”  I could litearlly feel his eyes rolling from 120 miles away.  Shortly thereafter I received a text that read: “The shower is next Sunday!!”

Not to be deterred, I headed over to my friend’s house.  At least I could drop off gifts and visit for a bit, right?  As I pulled up the drive her husband met me at the door.  She wasn’t there.  However, I was pleased to discover she was actually at a baby shower (hers) in a town about 20 miles up the road.  I had driven 120 miles for a baby shower–what was another 20?  The problem, however, was that her husband was as sure of the location of the shower as I was of the shower date.  Just as I was opening the door to head out he told me that they had just purchased a red Sierra minivan.

So, I startred driving once again.  When I got to the street where her husband thought the baby shower was being held I breathed a sigh of relief.  Things were working out after all.

Halfway through my fourth loop of the street, I came to the conclusion that there was no baby shower taking place here.  I knew I couldn’t call Chris again and tell him I couldn’t find the baby shower I had now driven 140 miles to attend, so I headed down side streets looking for the only clue I had–a red Sierra minivan.  Low and  behold, a red Sierra minivan appeared in front of a house with a silver star balloon tied to the front.  Regardless of whether or not this was my friend’s party,  I was going in!!  Walking up the steps, I took a deep breath, smiled, and pulled open the front door–the time for knocking had passed!

“Sara?!”  my friend said.  “Oh my gosh!  I’m so glad you’re here!”

Whew!  The hostess and friends were very grateful and gracious at the sudden presence of a total stranger in their midst.  The shower was lovely, but more so was the opportrunity to visit with a friend, and to make new friends!  On the drive back home I kept thanking God over and over for looking out for fools like me!

Blessings and Peace,

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