Confession 205: Change of Plans

I’ve been out of my daily devotional for a week or so, and boy did God have a message for me when I picked it back up!!  The focus this day was on Acts 16:9-15 and the conversion of Lydia.  Prior to Paul and his companions entering into Phillipi, God had told them they could not continue on into Asia.  While they were figuring out where to go, Paul had a vision of a man in Macedonia begging him to come and help them.  So, they went–immediately.  And who was the first person they encountered?  A Gentile businesswoman named Lydia.  Not only did Lydia accept God into her heart, but also into her home.  All of the members of her household were baptized and Paul and his companions were invited to stay in Lydia’s home for as long as they needed.  Instead of going into Asia, Paul and his companions took the gospel message to Europe.  As Moore writes, God didn’t just open a door for them, he opened a whole other continent!

Yet, here’s what sticks with me most this morning.  Both Paul and Lydia made themselves available to God.  AND, they were willing to let God change their plans.

Which makes me wonder: Am I willing to allow God to change my plans today?  Are you?  Will we allow God to send us somewhere today we had no intention of going?  Will we allow God to direct our resources somewhere other than where we had planned?  Will the money we’ve saved for our own purposes today be spent on someone else?  Will we allow God to open a door of communication to someone we had no plans to communicate with?  So what’s your plan today? 

I’m excited to see where God leads us!!  If you commit to allowing God to change your plans today, let me know where you go.  I want to hear your stories of God bridging new continents today!!

“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.” John 10:27