Confession 300: Monday Blessings and A GIVEAWAY!!!!!

I have to confess, I don’t always enjoy motherhood.  There are days when I just want to throw my hands into the air, yell “Done!” and drive off to a fancy hotel where I can throw out the Do Not Disturb sign and snuggle down between crisply starched sheets that I didn’t wash.  Parenting is hard, especially in our current culture.  There are so many other voices and vices vying for the attention of our children.  There’s way too much information available about parenting tricks and techniques that one can easily get lost in.  There’s the lovely gift of social media which allows us to instantly compare ourselves to the sunny happy family pictures posted by our friends.  And never, does it seem, has there been so much at stake.

But then there are those moments, the wonder moments I like to call them, where the beauty and wonder and joy and thanksgiving of parenting all come together in one time and place and I find myself thinking, “This is good.  We are okay.”

I had one of those wonder moments the other night as we were driving home from the grocery store.  If you are a parent, the mere mention of children and grocery store together are enough to make you say, “ugh.”  If you are not a parent, borrow a friend’s children and take them to the grocery store.  Trust me, she won’t mind!!

As we were driving home, the boys were, as my 7 year old would say, “sitting on my nerves”.  I was done with the incessant chatter, silly voices, constant questioning and, in general, with hearing the word “Mommy” in any tone of voice.  In a moment of sheer inspiration (desperation) I put in one of our favorite Christian CD’s.  A minute later my irritation had been transposed into sheer joy as the boys and I had a little car jam to a new version of “This Is My Father’s World”.  Nothing melts my heart quite like hearing those two little voices raised in praise to God.

Five minutes of praise in the midst of irritation became a wonder moment.  And instead of saying, “God, help me” I found myself saying, “God, thank you.  Thank you for the beautiful gift of these children.  And thank you for the great honor of being their mother.”

I live for the wonder moments, when  God steps in through the midst of the noise, chaos and dysfunction of this world and reminds me that I don’t need to run away.  I just need to look to Him.

And now, the real reason you’re reading this post: A GIVEAWAY!!!!  In honor of my 300th article, I am giving away to one lucky reader a copy of Elizabeth George’s book, A Mom After God’s Own Heart: 10 Ways to Love Your Children.  Here’s a brief summary.  It’s beautiful.

A Mom After God’s Own Heart

A Mom After God's Own Heart 

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In A Mother After God’s Own Heart, Elizabeth George offers 10 principles to help moms make God an everyday part of their children’s lives. Whether your kids are young or grown, you will learn how to: 

  • Teach your children God’s Word.
  • Train them in God’s ways.
  • Talk to your children about Jesus.
  • Pray with and for them.

Elizabeth is the mother of two grown children and six grandchildren. She gives practical advice and real-life suggestions for helping children, no matter what their ages, to incorporate God into daily life. Elizabeth’s husband, Jim, also provides biblical advice from a dad’s perspective.

This book makes a great study resource for personal reflection, mom’s small groups, and a wonderful birthday or baby shower gift for new moms.

For additional encouragement and growth, check out the accompanying devotional and study guide.

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With the book comes a beautiful clay scented cross which you can hang in your car/bathroom/cubicle/wherever with a special blessing for mothers tied around it.cross

So, here’s how you get it:

1. Follow my blog=3 tickets

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If I were really on top of things I’d have some interactive sign-up thing.  But, I’m not.  So, choose your tickets, I’ll put them into a pretty glass bowl and will draw out a winner on Tuesday.

Blessings and Peace,


11 thoughts on “Confession 300: Monday Blessings and A GIVEAWAY!!!!!

  1. Charlotte Woodrum says:

    Another good one Sara. Love the way you turned a bad situation into a good one. As a grandmother and mother those times are so very precious that we must do everything to make a wonderful memory for our children and grandchildren.

  2. kyleighsgift says:

    TobyMac is our “go to” CD when things get rough in the car. I love hearing my boys sing along to “Made to Love!” Always a good reminder to love one another and not fight … especially at the grocery store 😉

    • Sara says:

      Garrett got banned from the grocery store for a month once because he was so awful. Every time I went to the store Stephen asked to go with me just to rub it in that his brother couldn’t!! Toby Mac is so much fun. I like “Steal My Show”.

  3. Amy L. Sullivan (@AmyLSullivan1) says:

    You make me laugh! I can’t tell you how many giveaways that I drew out of a bowl myself. Hosting my first one with the fancy rafflecopter now. It’s not hard I swear (says the girl who solves every computer issue by rebooting). Sounds like a good book, friend. Off to share.

    • Sara says:

      I know, but you can’t rush these things. I did just start tweeting, you know! 🙂 And btw, the book I’m most interested in right now is YOURS!

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