Confession 310: Blessing the Name of God

I love the song, “Legacy”, by Nicole Nordeman.  The first time I heard it I thought, “Yes!  This is what I want!!”

I’m especially struck by the idea of being someone who blesses the name of God.  So often we talk about and ponder the beautiful and wondrous blessings from God.  But I’ve never really thought much about the idea that I could be a blessing for God.  How could I, with all of my human faults and frailties, be a blessing for the perfect, and holy Author of my Being?

I think, the answer for me is that I become a blessing for God when I allow God to work through me and, at times, in spite of me to accomplish His purposes.

When I give myself over to God, when I try and use my life to make a difference in the lives of others for the specific purpose of showing God’s love to others, then I become a blessing for God.

When I leave myself behind.  When I put aside my own desires, feelings, wants, ambitions.  When I step out of the “me” bubble and seek to bless others, then I become a blessing for God.

And the knowledge that God would actually allow someone like me to be a blessing for him is both remarkably humbling and inspiring at the same time.

May we each strive to be a blessing for God today.

Blessings and Peace,