Light in the Darkness Days 12-16: The Lord Saves

What a beautiful sight!
On the mountains a messenger
    announces to Jerusalem,
“Good news! You’re saved.
There will be peace.
    Your God is now King.”
 Everyone on guard duty,
    sing and celebrate!
Look! You can see the Lord
    returning to Zion.
 Jerusalem, rise from the ruins!
    Join in the singing.
The Lord has given comfort
to his people;
    he comes to your rescue.
 The Lord has shown all nations
    his mighty strength;
now everyone will see
    the saving power of our God.  Isaiah 52:7-10

Depending on which theologian you study, the book of Isaiah is traditionally broken into 2-3 books.  Regardless of whether it is 2 or 3, a good two-thirds of Isaiah consists of dire warnings given to the nations of Israel, Judah and all of their neighbors.  Yet, interestingly enough, the title “Isaiah” translates to the Lord saves.  Looking at the prophecies of Isaiah from this perspective, it would appear that Isaiah is a salvation story rather than a cautionary tale.

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The Lord saves….this is the message passed down throughout Scripture.  The Lord saves….from Genesis through Revelation.  The Lord saves….regardless of our rebellion.  The Lord saves….in spite of our hardened hearts.  The Lord saves….even if we choose to abandon His ways.  The Lord saves…..

And this is the true message of Christmas, isn’t it?  “For unto you is born this day in the city of David, A SAVIOR….”

The Lord saves….but this time, God didn’t come as a mighty warrior leading His people forth in power and might.  But rather, God came down in the dark of night, as a vulnerable baby, cold, crying, hungry, surrounded by barnyard animals.  God came down to a people who were oppressed, impoverished, beaten-down and yearning for release.

The Lord saves….

The Lord saves….

The Lord SAVES….

Blessings and Peace,