Confession 337: When More Is Not Enough….

My friend Amy L. Sullivan just published her first book.  For those of you who don’t know Amy, let me just tell you–she’s amazing!  I met Amy a few years ago through a blog network of Christian women writers.  While we’ve never IRL, she’s a definite soul sister!!  She’s witty and sarcastic and sees the humor in every situation, including giving birth to her second child on the side of the road.  (Seriously, you should buy the book just for THAT story alone!)

Amy Sullivan

This is Amy. Doesn’t she just look like a great friend?

But Amy is more than just a witty writer.  She is a change agent.

When I first met Amy, she was on this crazy mission to change the culture of her family from self-focused to others focused.  Over the course of a year, Amy and her family intentionally lived out Jesus’ call to love others as he loved us by getting out and serving in their community.  They did all sorts of things,like serving meals at a homeless shelter, hosting “Almost Sleepover” parties to raise items for a local women’s center, making muffins to save animals, charging family members to flush the toilet to raise money to dig a well, and attempting to make shoes out of milk cartons and old jeans!

When More is Not Enough Quote 3

And while Amy and her family were working to change the lives of others, something extraordinary happened.  They found their own lives changed, as well.  By living an others-centered life, Amy discovered that her family was spending much more quality time together.  In sharing more, they learned to love better.  Her children learned empowerment.  If there’s a need, they can problem-solve a solution!  But most importantly, Amy and her family found themselves in the center of God’s perfect peace.

Take a moment to hear from Amy herself:

When More is Not Enough Quote 2

Amy makes me want to live a better story.  She inspires me and empowers me to love better.  And, she will do the same for you.  So go visit Amy on her website!  Check out heWhen More is Not Enoughr book on Amazon.  Better yet, BUY her book on Amazon!  I promise you, it will make a world of difference, and a difference in the world.

Blessings and Peace,

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