Confession 435: If You Need Some Inspiration


Today, I am linking out to one of my favorite authors and motivational speakers–John O’Leary. My brother-in-law introduced me to O’Leary’s book, On Fire, a couple of years ago. It was amazing. O’Leary’s story is a remarkable tale of strength, endurance, and perseverance. He inspires us to work to become our best selves, and to always stay positive in the midst of challenging circumstance.

O’Leary has a weekly inspirational blog I love. The messages are always encouraging and convicting at the same time! Today, I’d like to share this week’s inspirational message: “Rediscover the Canvas”.

O’Leary writes:

“…the freedom, genius and vibrancy that was searing within us as children remains alive within us today.”

To read more, use the link here.

Consider becoming a part of John O’Leary’s “Live Inspired” movement.

Blessings and Peace,