The Beauty of Community~A Forward from Michelle DeRusha

Today,I choose tobe happy!-2

One of my favorite blogs to read comes from Christian author, Michelle DeRusha. She always manages to put beautiful, grace-filled, God-breathed words to issues of life and faith that I am pondering or struggling with. So often, when I feel overwhelmed by an event, issue, or even theological principle, Michelle’s words give eloquent voice to my thoughts and feelings.

Today, I’m sending you over to Michelle’s site to read a hope-filled message about the power of community to transform the world, one meal at a time. In an age where we hear so much talk of division, Michelle’s words remind us that we, as Jesus followers, are a people of togetherness, not separateness. Would you please take a few minutes to read Michelle’s words? Would you challenge yourself to live a life of community in the face of so much negativity?

Here’s the link: Community as a Courageous Act of Peace

P.S. It also includes the opportunity to win a new book!!

Blessings and Peace,