Advent 2020 Day 6: Patience

I remember when I was pregnant with our firstborn. It’s hard to believe it was over 14 years ago!! I was SO ready for him to be born. We had painted the nursery, stocked it with ridiculous amounts of baby stuff, secured the house, and installed the carseat. Finally the day arrived. We were ready to have this baby! Two days later, as I paced the floor all night with a wailing infant, I wondered why I had been in such a rush to get him here.

Just like waiting for the birth of a child, or a vacation, or a family celebration, it is tempting to rush through the season of Advent and jump headlong into the joy that is Christmas.  Yet, Advent is a time to practice patience.  In Advent, we anticipate and hope for God’s deliverance.  It is the season where we learn to wait and trust in God. As Jesus people, we are called to be a people who wait. In spite of our instant gratification culture, God tends to take the long way around. He reveals his plans slowly, according to his time. And they are always worth the wait.

Today, put aside all thoughts of Christmas.  Instead, ask God to reveal himself to you in a situation that requires time and trust.  Then, practice waiting patiently to see the manifestation of God’s divine glory.

Blessings and Peace,