Advent 2020 Day 14: Beautiful Feet

Feet are not often considered a mark of beauty in our world.  As someone who prefers to be shoeless, my feet are a mess. I don’t prioritize them in my “beauty” routine. They’re just there…a hard-working under-appreciated appendage of my legs. However, the prophet Isaiah declares that the feet that bring news of God’s love to others are one of the most beautiful sights we can see.

Take a moment to look at your feet.  Do you use your feet to bring peace where there is discord?  Do you use your feet to offer encouragement and hope to those in despair?  Do you use your feet to tell others that “God rules!”?

As Jesus followers, we are God’s messengers.  When people look at the world and wonder, “Where is God?” our feet should provide the answer.

In our acts of mercy, our acts of generosity, our acts of encouragement, our acts of justice and our acts of forgiveness we show the world that God is right here living and working among us.

Today, think about how you might use your feet to offer God to someone today.  Pray that God might direct your feet.  Pray also for others, that they might use their feet to proclaim God’s love, too.

Blessings and Peace