New Year, One Word: Possibility

Each year, I like to choose one word to anchor myself as the world hurtles around the sun for another 365-ish days. This year, I had planned on choosing the word flexibility, as it seems to be something God is asking of me a lot lately. But then, a simple misinterpretation on my husband’s part opened up a whole new realm for me this year as flexibility became possibility.

What a beautiful word! Possibility is gazing at magnificent pink and orange sunrise through an open window, that first sip of hot roasted morning coffee with a splash of cream and chocolate, the moment between typing in my password and my email loading on my work computer, standing before all of the newly released books adorning the shelves nearest the entrance at our local library. Possibility is heady and intoxicating–the seed of an idea ripened with expectation and hope.

Possibility is looking out at the world not as it is, but as it could be. It’s about greeting each day as an adventure waiting to be had, each project a world waiting to be explored. Possibility is about being open, vulnerable even. It’s a surrendering of self to what might be if we are willing to lay down our ideas of what we think can or should be. Possibility is a resounding YES in a world that so often wants to say no.

As we see in this Scripture, Jesus calls us to be people of possibility. But it’s not a possibility borne of our own efforts and strivings; rather, it is something that requires us to be wholly dependent on our Creator–the one who brings all possibilities into being. This year, we will be faced with many impossibilities: peace, forgiveness, an end to poverty, justice, an end to oppression. We can’t save the world, but the good news is that all things are possible for God, and he has already laid out the path of salvation for us. How might God be calling you to embrace his possible this year?

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