Confession 19: The Trouble With Time

Why is it that time always seems to be an enemy? Either hours drag on like days or days speed by like hours. There never seems to be a happy medium. Maybe it’s just that we’re conditioned by our culture to always be looking ahead. Most of us aren’t taught to just live in the moment, although I’ve found that life is much richer when we do. After our son was born last June, my husband and I made a point to not rush him through the various stages of his first year. We took delight in each day and each stage (some more than others) and although we looked forward to watching him develop, we didn’t want to rush it along. I read the concerns of many new mothers on a local breastfeeding list serve about holding their baby too much while he/she sleeps. I always want to tell them to just hold them, and hold them as long as they can. Before you know it your child will be off exploring the world and will prefer a nice solid mattress to your shoulder.

I have to remind myself about time today as I’m finishing up one of the longest weeks I’ve had all year. I keep thinking to myself, “I just want this week to end!!” I remind myself that we should never wish for time to end, but should relish what we can of what we have. I remind myself that it’s a beautiful day outside, and I work with beautiful people all around me. I remind myself that the children I work with are full of life and energy, and I should be grateful to be in the presence of such unencumbered spirit. I remind myself that my long drive to and from work is an opportunity to reconnect with myself or to spend some quiet time with God. My boss bought me an ice cream cone from the ice cream truck which visited school today and I remind myself that the simple things in life really do bring the most joy. Finally, I remind myself that it’s Friday, and I have a whole weekend ahead of me to spend time with my husband and son, relax, unwind, live in the moment, and not think about time! Enjoy your weekend!!

Blessings and Peace,

2 thoughts on “Confession 19: The Trouble With Time

  1. Martha says:

    Sara,A long time ago, I heard an old District Superintendent talk about the “spin cycle of life.” It is very easy to get caught up in that cycle. We need moments (like I just had reading your blog) that will slow us down and remind us to live “in the moment.” Thanks!

  2. jan says:

    Yes, I agree. It can be very difficult to be in the present moment. And with children, it is even more difficult: parents become multi-tasking, one-step-ahead beings, and when you feel like you’re anticipating situations and crises, you find it hard to slow down enough to say, “today is good.” Yoga — which serves as one of my pathways to Christ — provides that presentness I often need. Thanks for checking out my blog: seeing yours got me going and motivated, although from the likes of it, I’ve been quite absent!

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