Confession 20: Every Vote Counts

Around election time, you always hear campaign workers and teachers telling people that “every vote counts” so make sure you go to the polls and cast your vote. I’ve also been told by my mother that you can’t complain about a politician or bill if you don’t vote. Well, I’m going to complain anyway.

I didn’t vote this week during American Idol, but I’m wondering now if I should have. Last night, my husband and I’s favorite contestant this season was inexplicably sent home. In my mind, Melinda Doolittle was the best singer of the bunch, and proved week after week that she deserved the Idol crown. In most cases, it’s probably best that we each don’t get what we deserve because it’s probably a lot worse than what we have. In this case, however, I disagree. What were people thinking? Can people really prefer Blake to Melinda? Blake… Seriously?! It’s not that he doesn’t have talent. He can sing.. sort of. But he’s not great. And the beatboxing thing? Give me a break! It’s his only gimmick. It’s all he does. Melinda showed her versatility week after week. She brought her A game every single time, and although I admit I questioned where she would fit into the music industry– which genre she would fill– and I thought there were times she seemed a bit too old for her age, she flat-out outsang every other contestant.

So, what happened? Did the voters get bored with her consistency? Did she not have a bubbly enough personality? Did she not sell the songs enough? Did the voters not want another African-American Idol? (Sorry, Chris– had to throw that one in.) As Randy and Paula both said, Melinda will be successful regardless of her place in Idol standings, but it’s the principle of the matter for me. Melinda should not have been voted off last night.

Then again, we do live in a nation where the majority of voters elected Gerorge W. Bush to office–twice! As Americans, we don’t have the best track record. So, what can you do? I guess every vote does count after all.

Blessings and Peace,

One thought on “Confession 20: Every Vote Counts

  1. Jeff says:

    1) Melinda is kind of boring for me. Great singer? – yes. Exciting to watch? – not so much.2) Blake has some serious talent! Yeah the beatboxing thing isn’t for everyone, but how aboutt he music arranging and sheer entertainment value? “You Give Love a Bad Name” rocked!3) Jordin will totally win tonight even though I am a Blake fan.4) I hope you are doing well in preparations for you big move!

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