Confession 63: Back To Work

Chris and I came back from an amazing trip yesterday to be greeted again by business, chaos, and discontent. Thank God I am going through Beth Moore’s Esther study right now because she is speaking right to me!! I had a moment last night when I thought, again, “I’m done with this crap!! Where is God and why, WHY, isn’t he doing more!?” Granted, I was sleep-deprived and beginning to feel a little overwhelmed as I tried to get my head around lessons for today, organize my parent-teacher conferences, and deal with a tired boy. I kept remembering what we’ve already gone over in Esther, that when God seems farthest away, he’s working on something big. Something big is happening. God is creating a new spirit within our church congregation. We had a great service of confession and healing yesterday. My mom noticed how much friendlier and open people seemed. So, God is working. But even with that, there is still discontent. There are still people hanging on to hurt and anger, still harping and arguing, still fighting and hurting. And I’m just so tired of it.

I’m also tired of my Senior’s attitudes at school. I love these kids. I’ve had some of them in class for three years. But they’re getting so gripey and lazy and snippy. I totally lost it and yelled at them this morning when they were complaining about a performance assignment they had to do we’d been working on for a week and a half. I made it up to them, but only after telling them to grow up, that they were Seniors and they had the attitude of Freshmen. Seriously, a person can only take so much!!

But, I love them. And I love our church. And a friend of mine is making coffee so I’m going to go grab a cup before English III. Hopefully, my Juniors will not have to experience the “wrath of SSS”!

Blessings and Peace,