Confession 63: U2 Rocks!!

Chris and I returned home yesterday from a whirlwind trip to Norman, OK for the U2 concert and boy, was it worth it! What an awesome concert! I can’t even begin to describe the stage set-up, but it was as wide as a football stadium and about eighty feet tall. There’s a reason the band is only playing open stadiums! Even with the big set, humongous video screen, and 50,000 people, the concert seemed very intimate. The band had the ability to reach out and connect with everyone in the audience. Bono spoke as if he were speaking to a handful of people in his living room. The music flowed continuously for two hours. It was amazing, phenomenal, and inspiring. Two things I realized while at the concert: 1) Bono truly has a nice singing voice–very smooth, 2) The Edge is a truly gifted guitarist. As my husband said, “he rocked it out”!

I’ve been to good concerts before, but I can’t think of one that has topped this. It was just a great musical experience. The band came to play, and that’s pretty much all they did. There wasn’t a lot of showmanship, just four guys and their instruments having fun playing a gig–great, Great, GREAT.

The other great part of the trip was sharing it with our friends Bill and Jennifer. We had great conversation on our long car ride. We covered everything from kids to work, theology to food and the snippiness of “Helga” the Garmin’s attitude–sometimes within the same thirty-second interval! It made me realize the importance of having quality time with other adults away from kids!! In a nutshell, we went on a road trip. And it was fun.

Blessings and Peace,

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