Confession 79: Sealed for Safekeeping

I was putting together a soup for snack day at school this morning. As I was pouring the soup into the crock pot I realized that I had no idea how I was going to get it there without it covering the front seat of my car. You see, I teach in a town about twenty miles from where I live and there are several turns, curves and hills along the way. As I was standing in the kitchen staring at the crock pot, I had an idea. I pulled the Press N’ Seal out of a drawer and carefully wrapped it around the lid and top of the crock pot.

**Product Promo Moment–if you haven’t tried Glad’s Press N’ Seal, you need to e-mail the company and see if they’ll send you a trial roll. It’s amazing. I promise, you will never buy saran wrap again!

After finishing that, I decided to add an extra layer of protection with aluminum foil. As I was sealing the foil over the Press N’ Seal I realized, this is what God does for our hearts, although probably not with tin foil! When we give our hearts to God, he seals them with his love and grace so that no matter what happens, he is there. God protects and keeps our hearts for him so that with his seal around us, not even the gates of hell will prevail against us. We can stand firm and confident in the knowledge that the creator of the universe holds us in the palm of his hand!

Blessings and Peace,