Confession 86: I Did Not Dress This Child Like That

Lately, my almost four year old has been wanting to dress himself for the day, and sometimes also his little brother. For the most part, I let him wear what he wants. We should teach our children at an early age to develop their identity and learn to express themselves…. blah, blah blah. Basically, I don’t want to deal with a fit. So if, like today, he wants to wear a pair of my socks to school, so be it. Did I mention that these particular socks were blue and white with black moose all over them? I know, Ralph Lauren would fall over dead if he saw them, but they were a gift from my parents’ trip to Yellowstone last fall and I think they’re pretty cute. Apparently, so does my son. The socks weren’t so bad in and of themselves–seriously– it was more the combination of blue, black, and white moose socks with a gray and orange track suit that put the outfit over the edge. Before I left him at preschool, I made absolutely sure the teachers knew Mama had nothing to do with the socks. As I was leaving the school, I thought of a button I need to have made to pin to the front of his shirt: I Dressed Myself Today 🙂

I know it’s vain of me, but I’ve always put a lot of thought and effort into dressing my boys. There’s a certain look I’ve tried to cultivate, and it does not include knee-high socks, gym shorts, and black dress shoes with a paper made “Indian” hat on the top of his head. Nor does it include wearing his little brother’s clothes, even though they were technically his clothes first. High water pants and a midriff t-shirt do not communicate, “I come from a respectable family”. Then there are the “character” outfits. I cannot tell you how proud my husband was when Garrett brought him a blanket and asked, “Daddy, can you make me a princess?”

Apparently, fashion sense is a genetic trait. Surprise, surprise that the woman with the orange pants (technically, they were salmon) she found for seven dollars on the sale rack of a “ritzy” downtown store has a son who loves wearing moose socks. God bless him, he really doesn’t stand a chance!

Blessings and Peace,