Confession 158: A Meal in the Mail

One of the best parts of blogging is being able to “meet” amazing people from all over the world with hearts set on furthing the Kingdom.  One such person is Big Fat Mama.  Her blog, Cooking Up Faith, has been feeding people spiritually on a daily basis.  Now, God has shown her a way to use her blog to feed people for REAL.

Check out her new program, A Meal in the Mail.  A Meal in the Mail allows us to send meal gift cards to families in need during times of illness, loss or crisis.  Not only are we providing a spiritual need for those families, we are letting them know that they are not alone, that people they haven’t even met are surrounding them with love and prayer.


Big Fat Mama already has two families in need on her blog.  The first is Joel, a little boy who has been battling cancer the past nine months.  He is one of four children, with another sibling on the way.  Needless to say, between doctor’s visits and kids, there’s not a lot of time left to think about food.  Sending them a gift card for a meal would go a long way.

Second is Joanne, a 38 year old mother of two who just suffered a massive stroke.  Joan is currently in a coma and her family could use the support of meals through this time.

A great feature of A Meal in the Mail is that you can link up your blog with Big Fat Mama’s to put even more names of families in need on the list.

This is SO SIMPLE!!  Please, PLEASE become a part of this ministry!!

Blessings and Peace,

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