Confession 160: Austenality vs. Reality

Whew!  I took an unexpected hiatus from blogging this past week.  We were snowed in much of the week and since Chris had the computer with him in Chicago, we were an internet-free house.  It was sort of nice to be “disconnected” for a bit.  I thought up a lot of blog entries, but I’m not sure I remember any of them now!!  Oh well…

While Chris was gone for two weeks, I went on a total Jane Austen binge.  I watched Persuasion, Sense and Sensibility (the mini-series), and Pride and Prejudice.  I re-read Persuasion and am now working on Sense and Sensibility.  I’ve even read a couple of essays on her works!  Although, sometimes I think the essayists miss the point.  I mean, how do you really know what she intended in her writing when she’s been dead for almost two hundred years?  Anyway, I was thinking about packing up the fam and moving to a sprawling manner house set amongst the lush green fields and forests of England.  I was also thinking of instituting a wardrobe change in the Regency style of clothing.  I think my boys would look pretty cute in breeches! 🙂  We could learn to ride horses, take long walks through the countryside, sit around the parlor and play cards, and throw down some pretty cool moves on the ballroom floor!

And then, as it will do, reality set in.  I realized that the reality of my Austenality would not be a sprawling manner house, but a small smoky cottage with a moldy thatched roof.  Instead of living it up in early 1800’s splendor, I would be bending down scrubbing floors and disposing of the “toilet water”.  My children would be digging in fields and my husband would be bringing home squirrels for dinner.  Yeah, maybe not really the life for me.  Thank goodness God knows what he’s doing!  “And who knows but that you were put here for such a time as this?”  (Mordecai to Esther, trying to get her to appeal to the king) I think I’ll stick with this present age.

Embrace your reality–God put you here for a reason!!

Blessings and Peace,

2 thoughts on “Confession 160: Austenality vs. Reality

  1. thedomesticfringe says:

    I forget at least 3/4 of the ideas I think up. It's probably better that way. ;-)Have you ever read the book The Thirteenth Tale? It's not old, but it makes you think of the classics. It's a twisted tale with a few morally debunk characters, but it's a great story. Really hooks you right in. So now when I think of old world splendor, I think of The Thirteenth Tale.-FringeGirl

  2. Angie Vik says:

    I love your admonition to "embrace your reality." I was always fascinated with the frontier period of American history. The idea of traveling west in a covered wagon intrigued me until my husband pointed out what hard work being a pioneer was. Since I'm awfully fond of indoor plumbing, I rest in knowing that God had me born when He did for a reason.

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