The Simple Faith Bible: A Review

Full disclosure…I love Bibles. I have half a dozen that I alternate between in my daily Bible study, as well as in my writings. Some have life applications. Others provide historical context. Still others provide key study notes from renowned Bible scholars. But the new NRSV Simple Faith Bible from Zondervan is different from all of these. That’s because it is a collection of teaching from former President, humanitarian, and Bible teacher Jimmy Carter.


I received a copy of the NRSV Simple Faith Bible to review from Bible Gateway, as part of my participation in the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid (BG2) . This was a FREE review copy, and honestly, I jumped at the chance to review it.

Jimmy Carter has long been a hero of mine. For one, he showed me that you don’t have to be a Republican to be a Jesus follower. 😉 (I love you my Republican brothers and sisters in Christ!) But the other much more important witness he has provided is his lifelong commitment to serving others in the name of Jesus Christ. From Habitat for Humanity to working toward eradicating the guinea worm disease, Jimmy Carter and the Carter Center work to build God’s kingdom here on earth by “advancing human rights and alleviating human suffering”. For years, Jimmy has led a Sunday School class at the Marantha Baptist Church in Plains, Georgia. The NRSV Simple Faith Bible includes some of those teachings, as well as notes, articles, prayers, and articles gathered from Jimmy Carter’s life of service.

There are key takeaways.

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There are life applications.


There are prayers.


There are devotionals.


All of this comes in a comfort print that is easy to read, and Art Deco designs that enhance the simple beauty of the text. For more about the text features, please read the publisher notes below.

All in all, I LOVE this Bible! The NRSV has long been considered a highly accurate and scholarly translation. It was the preferred translation when I attended seminary, as it is vetted by an ecumenical group of Christian scholars and sticks very closely to the ancient Hebrew and Greek texts in which the Bible was first written. Jimmy Carter’s teachings and prayers reflect a deep and personal relationship with Jesus Christ and years of personal study and scholarship. His words, while simple and relatable, lead the reader into a deeper walk with God.

Publisher Notes

Former United States President Jimmy Carter’s contagious desire for peace, compassion, and wholeness permeate the notes of this Bible. His decades-long Sunday School teaching ministry, his public service, and his humanitarian engagement form the basis of the book introductions, thoughtful essays, pithy quotes, and honest prayers, calling you to a warmhearted, justice-filled life of faith.


  • The text of the New Revised Standard Version (66-book Protestant canon), vetted by an ecumenical pool of Christian academics and renowned for its beautiful balance of scholarship and readability
  • Foreword by Jonathan Reckford, International CEO of Habitat for Humanity
  • Over 600 application-oriented notes, articles, reflections, and prayers gleaned from Nobel Peace Prize winner and former U.S. President Jimmy Carter’s extensive teaching ministry and public life of service

Blessings and Peace,