Advent 2020 Day 9: Prince of Peace

Prince of Peace…

In a world so often filled with conflict and strife, peace seems like some sort of magical fantasy.  It’s a noble ideal, but not a practical reality.  And yet, Jesus is called the Prince of Peace.

As Jesus followers, we are called to walk the path of peace.  Jesus taught us to love our enemies, not persecute them.  He commanded us to turn the other cheek in times of conflict instead of hurling punches, insults and accusations.

Jesus told us to forgive again, and again and again—as many times as it takes.

Today, prayerfully consider the conflicts you are holding onto in your heart.  What grudges are you harboring?  What hurts are you feeding?  Who do you need to forgive today in order to walk the path of peace?

Ask God for the gift of forgiveness, both for yourself and others.

Blessings and Peace