Advent 2020 Day 10: A Future of Hope

Life can be a struggle.  I think we’ve all become very aware of that in 2020. The thing about being a Jesus follower that we tend to forget, especially in the United States, is that Jesus didn’t promise a “good life”. In fact he was very clear that in this world we, his followers, would have troubles. For the early church leaders these troubles were often physical persecution and emotional abuse. There are those who still face such tribulation. At some time in our lives, we all will face suffering, injustice, grief and pain. And not just once. Life is a tapestry pieced together from moments both raw and beautiful.  There are times when the whole world seems to be against us.  But God has plans for you, my friend.  And his plans are plans of peace and hope.

The prophet Jeremiah reminded the Israelites of this while they were in exile in Babylon. Though they were persecuted and scattered, God would not abandon them. There was a future filled with hope for them, if only they would turn to God and seek him. Though this message is old, it rings true today. God has plans for us. More importantly, God has a FUTURE for us. Whatever darkness we find ourselves fumbling in the midst of, it is not the end of the story. God has given us a FUTURE of HOPE. God has already written the final page, and it’s perfect. In the end, God saves. In the end, God brings peace. In the end, God reigns.

In the meantime, God brings us his Word which is full of story after story of how he fulfills his promises. God also brings us, his people who carry him within themselves, to go out into the world and bring a message of hope. We are to show those who are grieving that they are not alone. We are to provide those who are hungry with food to eat. We are to stand with those who face injustice and lift our voices to say, “No more.” We are to remember those who are imprisoned and to treat them with compassion. In these acts, we proclaim our firm belief that God has already won life’s battles, that the end of the story is already told, and that we all have a FUTURE of HOPE.

Today, call on God to help you face whatever difficulties life has thrown your way.  Pray, too, for others who are struggling to overcome adversity.  Pray that they will experience the Lord’s peace in their time of trial.

Finally, give thanks beforehand for the work God will do to bring peace to your life.

Blessings and Peace,