Advent 2020 Day 12: Messengers of Peace

I love the imagery in the above verse…the idea of God’s compassion breaking over us like the dawn. The light reveals all things. What we thought was a marauder lurking outside of our house turns out to be a bush. God’s light illuminates everything around us, allowing us to see things clearly. We gain new understanding, new perspective. We feel more confident and (maybe) less afraid. The light allows us to get our bearings…to find our path…to get our footing. Everything is easier when there is light to show us the way. And God gives us this gift because of his compassion…because he loves us and wants to enter into our lives. How beautiful is that gift!? Everything else pales in comparison to the fact that God loves us so much he comes into our lives, every day, to walk beside us as we journey. So what do we do with such a gift? Like the prophet John, we are called to be Christ’s messengers of peace.  We have been appointed to give light to those sitting in darkness and to guide others on the path to peace.

Today, ask God to show you how you might be a light to someone sitting in darkness.  Ask God to use you to guide others on the path to peace.

Also, say a prayer of encouragement for someone else.  Pray that they, too, would be a light in the darkness today.