Advent 2020 Day 11: Worry

I know a lot about worry. It’s something I do quite well. I worry about big things, like will my kids who love watching YouTube videos on Minecraft and Funko Pops ever be able to live outside of our house and have successful careers. I also worry about little things, like whether or not I have enough stocking stuffers for my family for Christmas. Of course all of my worries, big and small, have been compounded and magnified in a way this year that makes me one giant ball of anxiety. It looks like me, speaks with my voice, and engages in the activities I normally engage in, but it’s always there, just beneath the surface.

Worry is one of the enemy’s best tools of destruction.  Worry is a worm that invades our thoughts, disrupting our ability to think clearly and weakening our trust in God.

Everyone has worries—it’s a part of life.  However, what we do with those worries is up to us.  Today, make a choice to give your worries over to God.  Even if they seem silly or insignificant, name them in God’s presence.  Then, accept the peace that God is offering to you today.

Moreover, share that peace with others.  Listen to the worries of someone else today, then pray with or for them.  Ask God’s peace to surround all of those you hold in prayer.

Blessings and Peace,